Employee of the Month January 2024

Bogdan Rapauzu

This year, Bogdan Rapauzu sees his first year as a Romanian Job Coach as a celebration. The Dutch saying 'Life is a party, but you have to hang the garlands yourself' is written on his body. Bogdan came from Romania five years ago. Originally only to study in the Netherlands, but when he meets the love of his life, he decides to stay permanently inj the Netherlands. Together with his girlfriend, he now lives in Haaren, a small village in the south of the Netherlands. And not much later, the vacancy for Romanian job coach at BAM Works came along. Already during the first weeks, he felt at home within the team. Bogdan is full of positivity and he likes to share that with his colleagues.

' I like that the atmosphere is informal and collegial. You have to work hard, but you also have to be able to have a joke with each other now and then,' Bogdan adds. The great thing about being a job coach is the people he can help. ' People come to me with the most diverse problems. It is nice that I can talk to them in their own language. This makes it easier to find a solution and that is very satisfying,' says Bogdan.

Bogdan prefers to spend his free time with his group of friends. 'My friends are all over the world,' Bogdan reveals. He met them online in an online community. 'We share the same interests and we like travelling a lot. That's a perfect combo. I've already been halfway around the world because of this,' Bogdan says.    
Bogdan views the future brightly. When his girlfriend finishes studying, it will be time to really make a home in Haaren.  



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