Employee of the Month March 2023

Mariusz Binieda

Mariusz Binieda comes from Poland and is currently working in the Netherlands in a piglet farm.
Mariusz has worked in the Netherlands for less than a year, before that he worked in Germany. He wanted to experience a different culture, climate, and atmosphere and decided it was time for a change . So the move to the Netherlands was a no-brainer. 'The relaxed culture and friendly people have made my transition to the country seamless, ' says Mariusz. Once he made the move he fell in love with the country. The relaxed culture, the attitude of the Dutch people, and the climate is something he could easily adjust to. 'It is nice to experience that people are very willing to help and explain the tasks at work' Mariusz explains. Even though he likes working in the Netherlands, he still misses his family a lot.

Mariusz is hard-working when he takes care of the animals at the pig farm. 'However, I would like to share my advice with anyone who is planning to work in the Netherlands, and that is to use a planner. Trust me, it makes a huge difference in managing your work and personal life. I work at a piglet farm and taking care of the animals is a challenging job. But with a proper plan, I am able to balance my workload and prioritize my tasks efficiently' So. his advice to future colleagues is to be able to plan. For him, planning is a key part of doing a job well and it will save you a lot of time. 



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