Working in the agricultural sector

Do you like to work with your hands? And do you like working with plants? Then working in the agricultural sector is something for you. 


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The agricultural and horticultural sectors in the Netherlands are significant sectors in which plenty of work can be found all year round. So are you from Eastern Europe and looking for a job? Take a look at the open vacancies below:  

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Working in the agricultural sector

The agricultural and horticultural sector in the Netherlands is a large sector where there is plenty of work throughout the year. We are looking for employees from Eastern Europe all year to get started in this thriving sector.

Working in greenhouse horticulture

Vegetables, flowers and plants have been grown in greenhouses for more than 100 years. In the past that were low, flat cupboards. Nowadays, greenhouse horticulture in the Netherlands is one of the most modern ways of agriculture. Innovations and innovations ensure that this way of growing is becoming increasingly sustainable.

Working in open crops

Working in arable farming, full-laying garden, flower bulb growing and tree nursery sector we call "open cultivation". Are you happy to be outside, even if the temperatures are lower and it is not always dry? Do you like to work with your hands? And do you like working with plants? Then working in the open cultivation is really something for you.

Working at De Hovenier

Do you have a factory all day in a factory, warehouse or office for you? Do you prefer to be outside and have an active day? Then working at a gardener is perfect for you. A gardener is concerned with the construction and maintenance of gardens and other green objects.

Alternative work!

The companies in the agricultural sector are innovative and increasingly use robots and many things are automated, but there is also enough demand for people. As a result, working in agriculture and horticulture is much more varied than you think! Bam Works works closely with growers, growers and gardens. This is very diverse: from fruit and vegetables to floriculture.

Functions in the agricultural sector

What job suits you best? These are the functions that occur in the agricultural sector:
• Employee Greenhouse Horticulture
• Cash employee
• Harvest employee
• Cultivation employee
• Kwekerij business leader
• Growing manager
• All-round employees Tree nurseries
We have plenty of vacancies in the agricultural sector all year.

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