Cultivation and harvesting worker

116 - FJ-Plants 9682 views Municipality of Dongen 40 hours per week € 10,71 - € 11,47 per hour bruto NL contract Agriculture

Vacancy description

Daily duties are taking care of the plants, so that they can grow in good way. For instance jobs are potting, binding, maxing, cutting, weeding, etc. Further it’s preparing orders and make ready for shipment. Job is with much variation.

We offer

Employment with stable work and Dutch contract at the company B.A.M. Vermeer Uitzend B.V.

Your salary will be build up from the following amounts:

Starting with a basic bruto salary of € 10.71 per hour up to 40 hours per week

weekly payment in euro’s

Deduction for health insurance: € 107,64 per 4 weeks

Rent of living location: € 87,50 per week

You are obligated to have Dutch health insurance, we can arrange this for you for a competitive price of € 107,64 per 4 weeks. A refund for a part of these costs can be requested at Dutch government by applying for so called ‘Zorgtoeslag’, the refund depends of your salary level and private circumstances.


Work is mainly inside the greenhouse and once a while outside on the container field. In percentage it will be around 90% in the greenhouse and for 10% outside on the container field. Further it can be that workers have allergic reaction from the dust that come from the hedra plants, but this is perhaps 1% from the 100%, so not common


At least 40 hours per week, but sometimes in busy periods even more.Monday always from 08:00h until 17.00h and in busy periods from Tuesday till Friday job will start at 6.00h until 16.00h or 17.00h.

What do we expect from you?

Certificate of Good Conduct

English language is required

Motivated and willing to develop and learn. Also need to be able to work in a team, but also independently.

Experienced in agricultural work with plants is preferred, but good motivation is more important.

Further information

Living location

WiFi internet

toilets + showers (shared)

washing machine + dryer


Transport to work will be by bike or by car/bus, but that depends if living-location is close to working-location (by bike maximum 8 kilometres) – If transport is by car/bus, client is paying and we provide

Hours 40 hours per week
Salary € 10,71 - € 11,47 per hour bruto
City Dongen

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