Work at pig farm

481 - Bleekerheide, pigs farm 4618 views Municipality of Asten 50-60 € 9,59 per hour bruto NL contract Livestock

Vacancy description

Type of work

Take care of pigs: feeding, cleaning pig stables, care for sick pigs. Also your duty will be replacement and transport of pigs.

We offer

Contract + Salary info

Employment with stable work and Dutch contract at the company B.A.M. Vermeer Uitzend B.V.

Your salary will be build up from the following amounts:

  • Starting with a basic bruto salary of € 9,59 per hour up to 55 hours per week. After 1 year in pig nursery salary will go up to € 10,06.
  • 4-week period payment in euro’s, within 10 days after end of period.
  • Deduction for health insurance: € 107,64 per 4 weeks.
  • Rent of living location: € 120 per 4 weeks.


You are obligated to have Dutch health insurance, we can arrange this for you for a competitive price of € 107,64 per 4 weeks. A refund for a part of these costs can be requested at Dutch government by applying for so called ‘Zorgtoeslag’, the refund depends of your salary level and private circumstances.


Work-Living location transport

This will be by bike or by foot, because living location is near the working location.

Work schedule

Work schedules will be agreed with the client, this is the same for confirmations for holidays.

Transport NL-PL and PL-NL

Travels from and to your home country are for costs of the employee, we can make a reservation for a place in one of our buses or book a plane ticket for you, the costs of this travel will be deducted from your salary. In case of flights to Eindhoven or Weeze airport, we can arrange transport to and from the airport. These transports to and from the airport can be for free in the weekend if we have option to make a combination trip.

What do we expect from you?


  • Experience in work with pigs or motivation to learn
  • Good English or German language or motivation to learn Dutch
  • Driving license B
  • Certificate of Good Conduct

Further information

Living location

  • WiFi internet, toilets + showers (shared)
  • washing machine + dryer
  • kitchen
  • Living location is provided by the client, near the working location
  • Rental costs are € 120 per  4 weeks, also for the weeks during holidays.
Hours 50-60
Salary € 9,59 per hour bruto
City Asten

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