Employee of the month May 2022

Patryk Orkowski

I decided to work at BAM Works because my friends recommended this agency and I decided to work in the Netherlands. I started my career with the client of Vogels Groenvoorziening through BAM Works and it stayed till now. I like my job very much because it fits perfectly with my skills and character as well as people management. This job requires accuracy and logical thinking and is not monotonous - over time you can gain a lot of experience. A big plus in this work are hours (morning shift and in the open air). At work, I also like that, that the client trusts me and provides me with information, and I arrange the plan in such a way that it all works. Payment deadlines and payslips are on time. In my opinion BAM Works housing works good! Costs are not high, and quality of housing is good, however over time I decided to rent private location for personal reasons. Coordinators are nice, they control order and care for locations. I appreciate the cooperation with employees (coordinators) well, in the event of a problem they are on the phone, explain, help and advice. My advice to future BAM Works employees is to be active and diligent at work, do your job properly, learn the language and be open to any suggestions, and it will pay off in the future.



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