Employee of the Month February 2024

Ioan Pop

Ioan Pop has worked for the Cromvoirtse for several years and is glad he has found work in the Netherlands. The work is much more organized and it’s easy to speak to your boss if there is something wrong. At his job he bends iron plates into shape. These plates will be used on contruction sites, but also as a front for a coffee vending machine in an airport. When he receives an order from a costumer, Ioan has to program the dimensions in the computer to make the form that is needed. Once the computer is set, he can do in an entire batch without switching the machine. ‘I like the work, because it is not stressful’, Ioan explains.  

The job also requires a basic level of English and Ioan is proud that he has learnt the language. This makes it so much easier to do the work. If he has one piece of advice for future employees, is that you have to be ambitious and willing to learn. De Cromvoirtse is a pleasant place to work and he can recommend this job to anyone.  Although he really likes to work in the Netherlands there is one thing he misses: ‘my family’. ‘I like to work in the Netherlands, but my heart will always be Romanian’.



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