Employee of the month September 2023 

Małgorzata Charkot

Last year I saw the vacancy for berry picker and I thought why not. I always wanted to visit the Netherlands and it does not cost much to drive up here. So, I stepped in my car and I have not regretted it. So, this year I am doing the same thing.  The berry season is short and sweet. So, you can earn a lot in a small amount of time.
One of the better aspects of this job is the opportunity to connect with people from diverse nationalities. I have met individuals from all corners of the world, sharing stories and laughter as we work together. It's a unique chance to expand your horizons and appreciate the richness of cultures that come together for a common purpose.

There is however one thing that I miss when I work over here: the Polish kitchen. I love Pierogi, Silesian sausage and plain cream bread. They do have some Polish supermarkets here, but nothing beats fresh creamy Polish bread. What drew me back to the Netherlands was the friendly atmosphere. People are friendly and ready to help you with any questions. They make you feel welcome, and I appreciate that.

The work is not that hard. I just select the best ones, arranging them meticulously in crates, and ensuring that only the finest make it through. It's not just about picking; it's about creating a product. I also take on the responsibility of segregating fruits that are unsuitable due to being dry or moldy. Attention to detail is key.
If you want to the berry picking work force next year I do have some advice:  listen closely to the instructions given by the foremen. They do most of the explaining in the beginning. So, that’s when you have to pay attention, but once you get the hang of it the work will go really smoothly.



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