Employee of the Month April 2023

Rumyana Kirilova

Hi, My name is Rumyana Kirilova, and I am a Bulgarian strawberry picker. I have been working in the Netherlands as a seasonal worker for five years now. When I first arrived, I was looking for a complete change and a stress-free job, and I only intended to stay for three months. But here I am, five years later, still enjoying my work and the amazing experiences that come with it.
One of the things that I appreciate the most about my job is the stress-free working environment and the constant improvements in our working processes. My employer values our input and suggestions, and they are always striving to make our work easier and more efficient.
I like working with my collegues, and I have made many great friends here. We socialize during breaks and after work, and we often help each other out when needed. During my time in the Netherlands I have also had the chance to work with people from different cultures, and I have learned so much from them.
As a strawberry picker, I get to do all kinds of activities related to growing strawberries, such as planting, arranging flowers, picking, cutting runners and leaves, and more. The job is very dynamic, and I find it very satisfying to know that we are producing a favorite food for kids.
For anyone considering this kind of work, I would encourage you to be open and curious about different cultures, not just the Dutch culture, but also the Polish, Romanian, and Lithuanian cultures. There is so much to learn and experience here, and it's an opportunity that shouldn't be missed.



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