Employee of the Month January 2023

Rosen Lefterov


'We worked here for almost a year, and we have never regretted the decision’, Rosen Lefterov explains. Rosen is originally from Bulgaria and doesn’t mind hard work. "I do any job with pleasure, and I give my best, although I don't particularly like working outside when the weather is bad." He says that BAM Works is always punctual with their payments, and I always received it on time. The tree nursery that Rosen works for has a bonus system that stimulates people to work harder. ‘But more bonuses are always welcome,’ he adds with a smile. From the day he started work at the tree nursery he and his wife stay at one of the living locations of BAM Works. In his opinion the accommodation is very nice. ‘It is warm and supplied with everything we need’, Rosen explains.

Rosen has received assistance from the job coaches from BAM which he finds helpful.  "I am very happy with the work of the job coaches; they are always ready to give assistance and help if we need it."

Rosen has a recommendation for those who want a career in the Netherlands: "I would definitely recommend BAM Works as a nice place for work".  His tip for future employees is to show your boss that you are willing to work. When communication is hard, because of the language barrier, your boss will only know you through your work. As long as you give your best, they will want to work with you



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