Employee of the Month May 2023

Simona Ungheanu

I made the choice to relocate from Romania, so that I could be with my husband, who was already working in the Netherlands. Despite being in a new country, I have found my work to be fulfilling and enjoyable and now I have worked in a cookie factory in Berkel-Enschot for more then three years. Time flies 😊

It was not hard for me to start anew as I was warmly welcomed by my team. What I appreciate the most about my job is the level of respect I receive from my colleagues and superiors. I am involved in various tasks, including packaging bakery goods, preparing the dough, and cleaning our tools. It is satisfying work with a lot of variety.

However, there are things I miss about Romania, and the main one is my family. Being away from them can be challenging, but I try to stay connected through regular communication and visits whenever possible. Another challenge at work is the language barrier. Most of our colleagues are from different nationalities, which sometimes makes it difficult for us to communicate effectively. I would appreciate it if more of my colleagues would speak English, at least during work hours, so that we can communicate more easily and collaborate better as a team.

To future colleagues, I would like to emphasize the importance of appreciating the help and support you receive. Starting a new job in a foreign country can be overwhelming, but I have found that my colleagues have been willing to assist me whenever I need it. Their support has made my transition smoother and more enjoyable. I am grateful for the opportunities I have been given at the cookie factory in the Netherlands, and I look forward to continuing my work here while cherishing the memories of my home country, Romania, and staying connected with my family.



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