How BAM Works

Do you want to get a job at BAM Works? On this page, we’ll explain our selection process step-by-step. 


Discover our process step-by-step

1. Find a job you like

First things first, check out the available vacancies on our job page and choose the job you’ll like. Not a fan of scrolling through the page? We get that. You can make your search more specific by selecting jobs by industry, region, or relevant keyword. Easy does it. 

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2. Apply

Ok, so you found a job worth working for; great! The next step is registering yourself via our site. It’s also possible to register at one of our offices in the country you currently live in. To register, you’ll have to click on the apply button at the end of the page. Fill in the details and submit your application. Once submitted, your details and resume are sent to the recruiter responsible for the vacancy you just applied for. 

Have you not yet found the right job on our website? You can register online, and based on your resume; our recruiters can keep their eyes open for your perfect job.

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3. Match made

One of our recruiters will review your application. Is there a match? Great! In less than 48 hours, you’ll hear from our recruiter to make an appointment for an interview. There are no costs associated with the help we provide; this is a free service for job seekers.  



4. Let’s meet up

So, it’s now time to meet each other officially. This can be either in person or via an online call. Whatever suits you best, of course! We’ll discuss your (personal) skills and previous work experiences during the interview. What are your ambitions? And more importantly, what makes you happy that you are looking for in a job? There’s also plenty of time to answer all your questions; we’re glad to help. 




5. Paperwork

Now it’s time to get through all the paperwork. You’ll receive all the necessary forms, fill them in, and return them to us. This will be done entirely digital, as well as all follow-up communication from here on. That’s because we like to work smarter, not harder – just kidding. From experience, we can say that applicants often would like to check the agreements and paperwork, which is easier to do online. If you don’t have a BSN yet, don’t worry. We’ll help you arrange one in the Netherlands.



6. Housing

Whether you arrange a place to live in the Netherlands yourself or ask us to arrange a double room in one of our housing accommodations, that’s entirely up to you. As long as you have a safe and neat place, we’re happy. As for our accommodations, we take great care of safety. We have a concierge that supervises all buildings, also at the weekends. So in case of an emergency, you can always call for help. Everybody that lives in the accommodation receives an air key on their phone. This is to make sure only residents can get in. Of course, you’re free to invite other BAM Workers to come over. 


7. Travel

Make sure you are ready for take-off because that’s the next step! After all the paperwork is arranged, you’re good to go. Are you travelling by plane? We can arrange transportation for you to and from the airport. Once you arrive, you'll receive a bicycle from us. This will help you get to work and makes you an official Dutch citizen!

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8. Introduction Day & Final preparation

After you have arrived and settled in at your new place, we’re happy to meet you at our office. Here you can fill in the rest of the paperwork, and one of our colleagues will tell you all the ins and outs of your job. In some cases, it is required to do the training first. 




9. Your first day at work

Now it’s finally time to get your hands dirty. It depends per job what your day-to-day work will look like. Usually, you do some practical work. Sometimes your job will be a bit repetitive, and some jobs require a bit more effort. Luckily you'll have a job coach at hand. Your coach will help you find your way and answer all your questions. So feel free to ask if something is unclear.




10. Salary & payment

Your work isn’t for nothing, of course. Our support app shows your time registration, earnings, and personal information. You'll receive payment every four weeks through the bank account you’ve provided to us. Make sure you open a Dutch bank account when you come to the Netherlands. You can find your daily schedule, payments and other important information in our BAM Works support app! Download our app below.

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11. Long-term job security

Changing jobs asks a lot of your time. That’s why we ensure you’ll stay as long at the same company as possible. Because we get it: working in a familiar environment with a close team is much nicer than constantly getting used to new people. That’s the same for our clients; they also prefer to work with a trusted team. At BAM Works, we almost always have work available. On average, our employees work about 40 hours per week, but this entirely depends on your position. We do not work with a so-called reserve bank, where you always have to be available. Although at some work/jobs it’s possible that weather circumstances will be a reason to cancel the work for a (part of the) day.



12. Personal development

After six months, you’ll get a working interview with your coach. During this follow-up interview, you'll discuss what you want to learn and if you wish to take on new tasks or jobs. This way, you keep developing yourself, and we can make sure your job stays fun. In the meantime, you talk regularly to your job coach to share how things are going. Feel free to call your job coach if you have any questions or are concerned about anything.