Support in starting a business

Support in starting a business

Would you like to open a business, but are afraid that you don't have the necessary experience to manage? At BAM Works, we know that starting your own business, keeping track of deadlines, and on top of that, taking care of its continuous development is not an easy thing to do. That's why we offer a package of administrative services to make it all easier!

  1. Start-up Package Take advantage of our expertise in choosing the legal form and tax optimization when setting up your business. Also, with our help you will establish a limited liability company in Poland and transfer your business, or part of it, from the Netherlands to Poland.
  2. Address after registration We will help you set up a Polish postal address so that everything works smoothly.

  3. Formal matters Our team can take care of all formal matters related to your company's accounting - including document preparation, translation services (English/Dutch), amendments to the Articles of Incorporation, official correspondence, representation during inspections and any other related matters.

  4. Accounting, human resources and payroll services  Are both accounting and HR and payroll services are a challenge for you? With our help you can ensure that your company's financial and human resources run smoothly in compliance with accounting and HR and payroll regulations. We will take care of it and you can focus on the growth and development of your business.
  5. Recruitment services and employee training.  Our experienced staff of recruiters is experienced in finding the perfect candidate. The position doesn't matter, whether you are looking for people on the shop floor or at management levels we will find the best fit for you.
By deciding to open a business in Poland you get:
- access to qualified professionals from the Polish labor market at competitive salaries, also in professions in which it is very difficult to find workers in Western European countries
- access to high quality products and materials at competitive prices
- access to high quality services at competitive prices with fast turnaround time
- professional support in the optimal selection of service providers
- lower costs of doing business
- numerous financial optimizations

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