Ats_Model_VacancyTranslation Object ( [translationId:protected] => 980 [vacancyId:protected] => 155 [localeId:protected] => 7 [vacancyCode:protected] => 580 VOF van Iersel [title:protected] => Harvesting and packing asparagus [address:protected] => Duinoordseweg [zipcode:protected] => 5268 LM [zipcodeOrg:protected] => [city:protected] => Helvoirt [cityRangeMap:protected] => [countryId:protected] => 158 [country:protected] => [functionId:protected] => [functionName:protected] => [functionNameXml:protected] => [cao:protected] => [employmentPeriod:protected] => Sesonal [requiredWorkers:protected] => [tariffFactor:protected] => [functionDescription:protected] => [shortDescription:protected] =>

Do you enjoy working outside? Would you like to start work with your colleague? You are welcome!

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At least 38-48 hours a week, but sometimes even more during busy periods.

The work is performed mainly from Monday to Friday, for those who are willing, it is possible to work on weekends (of course, it depends on the weather conditions)

Work begins between 6-8:00 (depending on weather conditions).



Travel from living location to work will be by bike or a car depending on the distance.

Travels from and to your home country are for costs of the employee.  In case of flights to Eindhoven airport, we can arrange transport to and from the airport. 

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  • Employment with stable work and a Dutch contract at BAM Works B.V.
  • Starting with basic gross salary of €13,27 per hour;
  • Payment in euro weekly
  • Deduction for health insurance: €35.56 per week
  • Rent of living location: € 106.00 per week


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  • Knowledge of English or German is appreciated;
  • Motivation and willingness to learn;
  • Ability to work in a team, but also independence;
  • Experience with plant farming is preferable, but more important is high work motivation.

Don't meet all of the above qualifications? Do not worry! Contact us, together we will find a solution.

Our recruitment process is thought out to find the best match between the position and the candidate. Discover our process step-by-step: How BAM Works

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Do you enjoy working outside? Would you like to start work with your colleague? You are welcome!

Work at harvesting asparagus. It is mostly outdoor work that depends on the weather conditions which may vary. The works are carried out from the beginning of April to the middle / end of June.

Still hesitating? Check what our employees say about working with us: Testimonials

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Living location:

The living locations which we offer are ordinary residential buildings with space for up to 18 people (1 to 3 people in one room), meeting SNF standards. The apartments are equipped with a number of amenities:

Wifi internet,

Comprehensive social facilities: toilets, showers, washing machine + dryer, equipped kitchen

We also provide our employees with bicycles (50 euro deposit)

A deposit of  €50 is charged for providing the keys to the apartment. After returning the keys, this amount will be refunded.

There is a supermarket in the area (about 10 minutes by bike)

The rental cost is €106 per week, also for weeks spent on holiday if you want to keep your bed. If the room is cleaned and all personal belongings are taken, we will not charge you for the premises during your absence.

Each employee using our residential locations receives a bicycle at their disposal to enable them to get to work. It can also be used in free time, for example to get to the store for shopping. If you need to travel more than 10 km to work, we provide another means of transport.

More details You can find in section Our living locations and Frequently asked questions.


About us 

BAM WORKS is an employment agency specializing in providing personnel to work in the agricultural sector. Our flexibility and adaptation to the current labor market allows us to operate in such branches of agriculture as: work in greenhouses and gardens, work in the field and animal care. Expanding our activities, we also provide employees in the technical sector.

Entry number in the Register of Employment Agencies: 24717.

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Daily duties are cutting asparagus from the ground with special knife. 


Zbiór i pakowanie szparagów

580 VOF van Iersel van Kessel 9710 widoki Gmina Vught 38-48 13,27 brutto/godzina NL umowa Rolnictwo

Co oferujemy

  • Zatrudnienie ze stabilną pracą i holenderskim kontraktem w firmie BAM Works B.V.
  • Począwszy od podstawowej pensji bruto w wysokości €13.27 za godzinę;
  • Płatność w euro w rozliczeniu tygodniowym
  • Odliczenie na ubezpieczenie zdrowotne €35.56
  • Czynsz za mieszkanie: 106.00 € tygodniowo.



Codzienne obowiązki to wycinanie szparagów z ziemi.

Czas pracy

Co najmniej 38 do 48 godzin tygodniowo, ale czasami w okresach wzmożonego ruchu 

Praca wykonywana jest głownie od poniedziałku do piątku, dla chętnych jest możliwość pracy w weekendy (oczywiście jest to uzależnioone od warunków pogodowych)

Pracę rozpoczyna się miedzy godziną 6:00, a 8:00 (w zależności od warunków pogodowych).

Czego oczekujemy od Ciebie?

  • Znajomość języka angielskiego lub niemieckiego jest mile widziana;
  • Motywacja i chęć do nauki;
  • Umiejętność pracy w zespole, ale również samodzielność;
  • Preferowane jest doświadczenie w rolnictwie przy roślinach, ale ważniejsza jest wysoka motywacja do pracy.

Dodatkowe informacje

Miejsce zamieszkania:

  • Internet WiFi
  • toalety + prysznice (wspólne)
  • pralka + suszarka
  • kuchnia
  • depozyt za rower  €50,- zwracany z ostatnim wynagrodzeniem
  • depozyt za klucz/czip do pokoju. €50,- zwracany z ostatnim wynagrodzeniem
  • Transport do pracy będzie odbywał się rowerem lub samochodem / autobusem, ale zależy to od tego, czy miejsce zamieszkania znajduje się blisko miejsca pracy (rowerem maksymalnie 8 kilometrów). Jeśli dystans do pracy jest większy zapewniamy bezpłatny transport firmowym samochodem.
Godziny 38-48
Wynagrodzenie 13,27 brutto/godzina
Miasto Helvoirt
Zbiór i pakowanie szparagów

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