Employee of the month October 2022

Elzbieta Bednarz

Elzbieta started at BAM Works in 2018, her sister also worked here, and she drew her attention to the job and she has been working there for 4 years now!

She says: “in the beginning I worked with ivy plants, I really liked it and enjoyed it. At the moment I work in the greenhouse with flowers, trees and strawberries. The high temperatures now in the summer are tough, but I still try to work diligently and accurately in this temperature.

I am very satisfied with the accommodation, the location is clean, comfortable and I feel comfortable here. The payment terms and salary are according to contract and on time.

I have a good contact with the coordinators, they are very nice and helpful, and any problems are always solved quickly.

Tips for the people who come to work in the Netherlands is to be an open, friendly, and honest person and not to listen to the opinion of others, that will pay off in due time.



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