Employee of the Month June 2024

Asen Angelov

It's not every day that you meet someone from Bulgaria who not only speaks English, but also fluent Dutch. Asen Angelov speaks both, and that gives him the opportunity to adapt perfectly to the locals. 'Communication is important,' Asen explains. 'It helps if you understand the local language and it's good for the team spirit.' At Gefco, English is the working language because they have employees from different countries doing all kinds of work. Gefco is a car company and specializes in transporting new cars. The cars come from all over Europe and are distributed to dealers in the Netherlands. Asen has one of the most fun jobs at Gefco. He gets to be a test driver and tests the cars in different ways. For example, he makes sure the cars are ready for transport. If not, they go to the garage. Here they repair minor damages and dents. The best thing about this job is that I get to drive the latest models of cars,” Asen explains. Every morning the parking lot is full of brand new cars and Asen gets to drive almost all of them.



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