Employee of the month December 2023

Stefan Radu

My name is Stefan Radu and I have been working for BAM Works as a truck driver for many years. Originally I come from Romania and via a few detours I finally started working in the Netherlands. The work is very varied and you encounter few surprises. That's why I like working in the Netherlands. The Dutch are direct and correct and that makes for a nice working atmosphere. I can rely on my employer that things will always work out and my employer has my guarantee that everything will be transported safely between the different locations. The nice thing about this job is that you end up in many different places. You always see something new. And that variety in my job, I love that. As a truck driver I drive all over Europe, but there is one thing I really miss and that is my family. There's nothing like a nice homemade Romanian meal. And after a year with meatballs from the gas stations, you can really crave that. If you also want to make a career at BAM Works, I do have a tip for you. Be serious at work and dare to set big goals for yourself. If you show that you can handle the responsibility then your employer will also reward you with better work.



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