Employee of the month December 2022

Marian Naydenov

Marian Naydenov has enjoyed working as a truck driver at BAM Works for the past 6 years, and this month he is recognized for his hard work as employee of the month. Marian explains that some of his friends recommended that he apply for a job at BAM Works, but with a warning: 'there is a different mentality in the Netherlands and that's a good thing'.

Not the usual advice he got from his friends. When he started as truck driver in the Netherlands, he saw what they meant. Marian started working for AB Texel and noticed how easy and transparent communication is. "Everyone here treats you very nice. They are very precise and straightforward. That is a different mentality from the one he was used to in his homeland ...... 'It's a culture shock, but one I can get used to’, Marian explains. He further states that AB Texel is the best company he has worked for. Communication is smooth, the work is enjoyable and the pay works motivating. Even though mistakes are sometimes made on the shop floor, they are resolved in no time. In addition, they really appreciate honesty. That is one of the company's strengths, Marian said.

He is also satisfied with the living accommodations and conditions offered by BAM Works. 'Should you have any questions your job coach, they can often give you an answer in your native language. They are always willing to help.’

Marian also has just one piece of advice for future colleagues "The change in mentality is good, the Dutch system is very friendly and the people here always ready to help you. Don't hesitate to try something new."



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