Employee of the month February 2023

Grzegorz Sziller

Grzegorz Sziller has worked as an international truck driver almost all his life. But he sees big differences between his various employers. "When you drive a company's truck, there is always the question of how this company maintains the vehicle. Now that he is employed by BAM Works, he is very satisfied with the maintenance of the truck. 'I am seconded through BAM Works to a manure processing company in northern Limburg. Here they gave me my own truck. I'm the only one who drives it and I'm very careful with it.' says Grzegorz. 

He made the decision to work in the Netherlands, because he wanted to experience a new culture and take on new challenges. Grzegorz has praised the atmosphere and attitude towards people at BAM Works, and has had the opportunity to meet many wonderful people during his time here. Despite being away from his home country of Poland, Grzegorz has found a comfortable work environment at BAM Works. However, he does miss his family and native language the most. For future employees, Grzegorz advises to respect the work and take care of the equipment they use.



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