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At BAM Works we like to help you to find exactly the worker that suits your company the best. 


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Looking for temporary or permanent staff? Bam Works will find the right candidate. Thanks to our personal approach, we know exactly who our flex workers are, what they can and what their personal preferences are. Meaning: we’ll find the perfect match for your company.

When do we match?

Do you work in the agricultural or transport sector? And are you looking for a skilled, reliable and trusted team of Eastern European employees? Then you are at the right place with BAM Works. Instead looking for employees in other branches? No problem! Our BAM Workers work in different sectors, check them all out.

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In need of temporary workers?

If you need workers for short time periods, perhaps for extra support during peak periods or temporary projects, we’ll help you hire eastern european workers who are on your side, but not on your permanent payroll. A flexible option for growing and evolving companies.

... or looking for permanent workers?

Next to short term workers we also offer workers for long-term. BAM Works will find the perfect match for your company. Our personal and targeted approach means we’ll only meet up with candidates we know have the skills and experience you need.

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In need for staff?

Are you looking for skilled employees from Poland, Bulgaria, Romania or other Eastern European countries? BAM Works can help.

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