How do you find and entice the best candidate?

You must have noticed. We are facing a tight labor market. Finding the perfect match is a time-consuming process. Therefore, you want this process to be efficient, fast and as good as possible. But how do you make sure you find the perfect match? 

Determine your target group 

o find a good match, it is important to fish in the right pond. The better you know who you are looking for and where to look, the better your chances of success. The first step is to specify.
Although this step sounds logical, it is often skipped. It's important to specify who you want to target. After all, you can't serve everyone. Your chance of success grows when you target a specific audience.


Using four pillars, you can segment the market. This means that you divide the market into clear groups. You can segment your target group using the following pillars:

  • Geographic: where are my candidates located?
  • Demographic: what is the average age and gender of my candidates?
  • Socio-economic: what education have my candidates received, what is their income, desired profession?
  • Psychographic: what is the behavior of my candidates?
Then it is important to collect data about the market and write a good matching job posting. This sounds like a lot and time-consuming work. And it is. Recruitment is an art in itself. Fortunately, we can help you further. 
BAM Works has years of experience in the field of recruitment. We have built up a powerful network and know how to reach the target group. 
We can help you attract people to produce your product abroad. But also people in the higher management layers are no problem for us. If you are looking for a general manager who can build a bridge to the shop floor and is a mouthpiece for the head office, we will make sure we introduce the right candidate.
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