Start up support in PL

Start up support in PL

Good preparation is half the battle. When you first enter the Polish market, you may be startled by all the rules and bureaucracy you encounter. We know how a company can successfully navigate this maze. Time is money and you want to get started as soon as possible. Therefore, we have developed a package of services that can support you if you want to expand abroad. 

  1. Start-up Package Experience and a simplified process of establishing a limited liability company in Poland, coupled with seamless transfer of business operations from the Netherlands. Benefit from our expertise in legal form selection and tax optimization, ensuring a smooth transition. 

  2. Headhunting and Employee Training Services Our recruitment team has the expertise and knowledge to hunt for top talent. Either you're looking for people on the business floor or in the management layers we can help you find talent for your work force. Post Registration Address: For the Polish market, it is not only convenient but sometimes necessary, to have a Polish mailing address to keep everything running smoothly. We will help you out. 

  3. Bookkeeping, HR, and Payroll Services Ensure the smooth functioning of your company's financial and human resources with our reliable and compliant bookkeeping, HR, and payroll services. By entrusting these critical tasks to BAM Works, you can focus on the growth and development of your business while maintaining legal compliance.

  4. Procurement Services Our team can handle all your company's formal matters, including document preparation, translation services (English/Dutch), changes in the articles of association, official correspondence, representation during inspections, and more. We also provide legal and notary services, ensuring comprehensive support for your business needs.
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