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We are looking for the best of the best! Our highly professional driver's team needs new members. Join us by sending CV.


[contactId:protected] => [contactName:protected] => Iva Georgieva [contactEmail:protected] => [contactPhone:protected] => +359877725255 [contactPhoneAlt:protected] => [contactImage:protected] => [hours:protected] => 50-60 hours per week [salary:protected] => € 15,08 gross per hour [salaryMinimum:protected] => [salaryMaximum:protected] => [salaryType:protected] => fourweeks [worktime:protected] =>

Work schedule is 8 weeks at work and 2 weeks at home or 10 at work and 3 weeks at home. Twice a year, the driver has the opportunity to take a longer holiday leave (one week longer at home).

We work during holidays also, so we have a rule that a driver who works on holidays in a given year has a day off in the following year.



Travels from and to your home country are costs of the employee, we can help you to organize it. In case of flights to Eindhoven airport, we can arrange transport to and from the airport (cost will be deducted from the salary). 

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Employment with stable work and Dutch contract at the company BAM Works B.V.

Your salary will be in category D2 and build up from the following amounts:

  • Basic gross salary of € 15,08 per hour up to 40 hours per week
  • Overhours (after 40 hours per week) will be paid 130%
  • Hours on Saturday will be paid: 150%, hours on Sunday and working on national holidays: 200%
  • Delegation of € 57,12 per day when you are full day from the base
  • 4 week period payment in euro’s, till 10th day after end of period
  • Health insurance for a competitive price of € 144,95  per 4 weeks

For 4 weeks period the average salary is about 2900 - 3600 euro.

You are obligated to have Dutch health insurance, we can arrange this for you for a competitive price of € 33,45 per week. A refund for a part of these costs can be requested at Dutch government by applying for so called ‘Zorgtoeslag’, the refund depends of your salary level and private circumstances.

Further, we are using collective services that contains: calamity coverage, legal liability insurance and accident insurance for €2,80 per week (included in the price above).

[demands:protected] =>
  • Experience as a truck driver around 4 years
  • Experience at work with tandem or mega trailer is an advantage
  • Positive attitude and motivation to work
  • Vaild passport document
  • Digital tacho card
  • Clean background for Certificate of Good Conduct
  • ADR basic 
  • English or German language

Don't meet all of the above qualifications? Do not worry! Contact us, together we will find a solution.

Our recruitment process is thought out to find the best match between the position and the candidate. Discover our process step-by-step: How BAM Works

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We are looking for the best of the best! Our highly professional driver's team needs new members. Join us by sending CV.

Working for us you will be part of our team of international truck drivers. You will tarnsport all kinds of cargo with courtain trailer or tandem over the Benelux mostly. Most of the transport takes place from one place of loading to many unloding places. There is a big chance You will have to load or unload trailer manually.


Still hesitating? Check what our employees say about working with us: Testimonials.

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What kind of tucks we drive?

Our modern fleet consists of  Mercedes' trucks mostly, which are having an average age of 2,5 year. All trucks are well equipped (ith fridge, comfortable beds, chairs etc.) and have automatic gearboxes.


What facilities at the base You can meet?

The main base is in Utrecht area. There is an access to the Internet via WiFi and comprehensive social facilities (toilets, showers,washing machine,dryer, fully equipped kitchen).


About us 

BAM WORKS is a staffing agency that specializes in providing personnel for the agricultural industry. Our flexibility and ability to adapt to the labor market allows us to offer employment in various areas of agriculture, including work in greenhouses and gardens, fieldwork, and animal care. We have also expanded our services to include technical sector staffing.

We are registered with the Employment Agencies Register under number 24717.

You can read our privacy statement and disclaimer by following the provided link.

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Международен шофьор С+Е

344 - Van der Wal 13979 views Международен, цяла Европа 50-60 часа седмично € 14,03 бруто/час NL договор Transport

Описание на длъжността


Търсим най-добрите шофьори! Нашият високопрофесионален шофьорски екип се нуждае от нови членове. Присъединете се към нас, като изпратите CV.

Работейки за нас, вие ще бъдете част от нашия екип от международни шофьори на камиони. Ще превозвате всички видове товари с ремарке щора или тандем предимно в Бенелюкс.

Ние предлагаме

Договор на постоянна работа с нидерландска фирма BAM Works B.V.

  • Основна бруто заплата € 14,03  на час до 40 часа на седмица
  • Извънредните часове (над 40 часа на седмица) се заплащат на 130%
  • Часовете в събота се заплащат на 150%, часовете в неделя и на национални празници на 200%
  • Командировка € 53,16 на ден, ако целият ден сте извън базата
  • 4 седмичен период на заплащане в евро, до 10- тия ден от периода
  • Здравна осигуровка на конкурентна цена € 122,67 за 4 седмици

Средната заплата за 4 седмичен период е между 2900 - 3600 евро.

Работно време

Работният график е гъвкав.

Пътуванията от и до вашата страна са за сметка на служителя, ние можем да ви помогнем да го организирате. В случай на полети до летище Айндховен или Weeze, ние можем да организираме транспорт до и от летището.

Какво очакваме от вас?

  • Опит като шофьор на камион
  • Опит в тандем или мега ремарке е предимство
  • Наличие на задграничен паспорт
  • Дигитална тахо карта
  • Чисто съдебно минало и Свидетелство за съдимост
  • ADR основен 
  • Английски или немски език

Допълнителна информация

Условия в базата:

  • Спални
  • WiFi internet
  • тоалетни + душове (споделени)
  • пералня + сушилня
  • кухня
Часове 50-60 часа седмично
Заплата € 14,03 бруто/час
Град Utrecht
Международен шофьор С+Е

Contact information

Iva Georgieva

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