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Good welder is always welcome! Let's make a deal: You will show us what you can do during the probation period and then we will agree an hour rate that satisfies you.

[contactId:protected] => [contactName:protected] => Olena Burziak [contactEmail:protected] => recruitment@bamworks.eu [contactPhone:protected] => +48717166857; +48512290911 [contactPhoneAlt:protected] => [contactImage:protected] => [hours:protected] => 40 hours per week [salary:protected] => €13,10 gross/hour [salaryMinimum:protected] => [salaryMaximum:protected] => [salaryType:protected] => week [worktime:protected] =>

Normal working days will be from 07:00h until 16:00h or 17:00h.

Work schedules will be agreed with the client, this is the same for confirmations for holidays.



Transport to work will be by bike, because working location is close to living-location.

Travels from and to your home country are for costs of the employee.  In case of flights to Eindhoven airport, we can arrange transport to and from the airport.

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Employment with stable work and Dutch contract at the company BAM Works B.V.

Your salary will be build up from the following amounts:

  • Starting with a basic salary of €13,10 gross per hour

  • Upgrades possible depending of motivation to learn more in the company to become independent.

  • Weekly payment in euro’s

  • Deduction for health insurance: € 33,45 per week

  • Rent of living location: € 96,50 per week 

You are obligated to have Dutch health insurance, we can arrange this for you for a competitive price of € 33,45 per week. A refund for a part of these costs can be requested at Dutch government by applying for so called ‘Zorgtoeslag’, the refund depends on your salary level and private circumstances. Further, we are using collective services that contains calamity coverage, legal liability insurance and accident insurance for €2,80 per week (included in the price above).

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  • Experience in welding is required
  • Basic knowledge of construction work or demolition is preferred
  • Good English or German language or motivation to learn Dutch
  • You are able to work independently but also in a team, you are flexible and motivated
  • Driving license B is required
  • Certificate of Good Conduct

Don't meet all of the above qualifications? Do not worry! Contact us, together we will find a solution.

Our recruitment process is thought out to find the best match between the position and the candidate. Discover our process step-by-step: How BAM Works

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Good welder is always welcome! Let's make a deal: You will show us what you can do during the probation period and then we will agree an hour rate that satisfies you.


Welding and reparation of machinery, finishing welding work for construction machinery as like big trucks, cranes, etc. Also small all-round duties in and around the company.

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Living location

The living locations which we offer are ordinary residential buildings with single rooms, meeting SNF standards. The apartments are equipped with a number of amenities:

  • Wifi internet,
  • Comprehensive social facilities: toilets, showers, washing machine + dryer, equipped kitchen,
  • We also provide our employees with bicycles (50 euro deposit),
  • A deposit of €50 is charged for providing the keys to the apartment. After returning the keys, this amount will be refunded.
  • There is a supermarket in the area (about 10 minutes by bike)
  • The rental cost is €96,50 per week, also for weeks spent on holiday if you want to keep your bed. If the room is cleaned and all personal belongings are taken, we will not charge you for the premises during your absence.

Each employee using our residential locations receives a bicycle at their disposal to enable them to get to work. It can also be used in free time, for example to get to the store for shopping. If you need to travel more than 10 km to work, we provide another means of transport. More details You can find in section Our living locations and Frequently asked questions.


About us

BAM WORKS is an employment agency specializing in providing personnel to work in the agricultural sector. Our flexibility and adaptation to the current labor market allows us to operate in such branches of agriculture as: work in greenhouses and gardens, work in the field and animal care. Expanding our activities, we also provide employees in the technical sector.

Entry number in the Register of Employment Agencies: 24717.

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337.1 - Gubbels Recycling en Transport B.V. 32700 views Municipiu Tilburg 40 ore pe saptamana € 13,10 brut pe ora NL contract întreținere, Metal, Constructie

Descrierea postului


Se lucrează într-o echipă care se ocupă cu demolarea clădirilor la mai multe locaţii de lucru din zonă. În situaţia în care utilajele sunt responsabile pentru demolarea generală a clădirii, dvs veţi avea grijă de demolarea manuală şi separarea deşeurilor din construcţii. Plecarea cu autobusul sau cu maşina este în fiecare dimineaţă din aceeaţi locaţie.


Angajare cu muncă stabilă și contract olandez la compania BAM Works B.V.

Salariul dvs. va fi acumulat din următoarele sume:

  • Începând cu un salariu brut de bază de 11,75 € pe oră
  • Actualizări posibile în funcție de motivația de a afla mai multe în companie pentru a deveni independent.
  • Plata săptămânală în euro
  • Deducere pentru asigurarea de sănătate: 36,24 € pe săptămână
  • Chiria locului de locuit: 96,50 € pe săptămână

Programul de lucru

Zilele normale de lucru vor fi de la 07: 00h până la 16: 00h sau 17: 00h.

Programele de lucru vor fi convenite cu clientul, acest lucru este același si pentru confirmările de sărbători.

Care sunt asteptarile noastre?

  • Este necesară experiență în sudare
  • Se preferă cunoștințele de bază despre lucrările de construcție sau demolare
  • Limba engleză sau germană bună sau motivația de a învăța olandeză
  • Ești capabil să lucrezi independent, dar și în echipă, ești flexibil și motivat
  • Este necesar permisul de conducere B
  • Cazier judiciar curat

Informatii suplimentare

Locuința este pusă la dispoziție de către client în orașul Vlijmen.

  • Internet WiFi
  • Toalete şi duşuri (la comun)
  • Maşini de spălat + uscătoare
  • Bucătărie
  • Costul chiriei pentru o săptămână este de 83,75 Euro şi se plătește și în timpul cât sunteți plecați în concediu.
Ore 40 ore pe saptamana
Salariul € 13,10 brut pe ora
Orasul Helvoirt

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Lidia Alexin

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