Why BAM works

Finding your new home

BAM Housing makes you feel at home.


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Our Living Locations


When finding a 'home' for BAM employees, we always look at the wishes of the employees. With BAM Housing you are assured of good quality housing, because everyone is entitled to a nice home! We like to keep it small, no large houses with a lot of people in them. But only cozy houses with a handful of people.

You are free to arrange a home for yourself.  If you want, you can also use a double room in one of our housing accommodations. Internet is available here. We take great care for the safety and privacy in and around our premises. A concierge supervises a calm and peaceful environment to live in. On weekends there is surveillance, which you can always call in case of an emergency or some other issue. 

Privacy and security

Our accommodation can only be opened by you and your fellow residents via an airkey on your telephone. You can also invite colleagues over who live at a different location.

BAM Housing