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FAQ for job seekers

Are you working or moving to the Netherlands to find a job? Here's what you need to know about working for dutch companies and working at BAM Works.

What is the cost of renting?

Cost of renting is 87.50€ per week. This cost includes water, gas, electricity and Internet.

How often I will get my salary?

For first 26 weeks you will be paid weekly, payment day will be Thursday. After 26 weeks you will get your salary one time per each 4 weeks.

Who will organize a transport to the Netherlands?

We can help you to organize a transport to NL (share contact details to transport companies, etc.) but the cost of the travel is on your side.

Are you paying out some advances?

We are treating every situation as an individual one. Usually we are not paying out some advances, but in specific cases we can make an exception.

How do you maintain a good atmosphere at the living location?

People can feel safe at our living location. A surveillance company is visiting the living locations in the evening to prevent unwanted activities.


Should I provide Certificate of Good Conduct?

Yes, we expect to get CGC from candidates who are starting work at BAM Works B.V. before they go to NL or after they start in case they can provide the proof that they requested CGC.

How looks the accommodation?

Our employees living at our locations can use comfortable single or double rooms. At each one living location you will have an access to the toilet, showers, fully equipped kitchen, washing machine, dryer and WiFi Internet.

I’m travelling to The Netherlands by plane. Can someone pick me up from the airport?

We can organize a transfer from the airport in Eindhoven. Other airports depends on the moment, but you need to inform us in advance.

Does the company help me to organize visit at the doctor?

We can organize a doctor visit for you and – if it’s needed – one of Job coaches will go there with you to help with translation.

Can we see the living locations?

Yes, we can share with you photos of the living location.

Does the company help me to get my NL address or register my car?

We can support you with your NL address, but other private activities you need to organize by yourself.

Safety at work

Being safe at work is essential. Helping each other when something happens, or someone becomes unwell is critical. That’s why we offer all our employees the opportunity to follow an emergency response training or course. You’ll be prepared when something happens.

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